Managing Long-Distance Love Affairs

How do you deal when you’re missing someone so badly but there’s no way you can get near him/her physically? 

This is the biggest question most long-distance lovers have to face on a daily basis. Yes, being thousands of miles apart does make the heart grown fonder. But once you really fall hard, the times (which is almost every day) you miss him/her can be quite a pain. But is the hurt and your inability to hug him/her whenever you want to enough reason to let go? 

Never. All the more reason to hold on, thus further intensifying your yearning, which only makes your meeting more meaningful and unforgettable when if finally comes. Makes sense?

Check out what these bloggers have to say on this matter. 

Good Clean Love Daily – Making Love Sustainable – Blog Archive – In the Bullring of Feelings Nov 1

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Climb The Ranks With A Military Baller – Baller Sep 14

Showing that you are capable of riding with him throughout a long distance relationship will surely win him over and in no time, get you that ring and those health benefits. The great thing about Military men is that they are quite the opposite of Athletes in terms of relationships.


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